Actor John Schneider Joins DopeSmack Cast!

Actor John Schneider Joins DopeSmack Cast!

Get ready to witness a groundbreaking new superhero universe! Filmmaker Joe Mexican and his team at Dark Atom Studios™ have been hard at work developing “DopeSmack,” an exciting new film and comic book series set in the vibrant city of New Orleans. This franchise promises to captivate audiences with its fresh blend of science fiction, adventure, and urban fantasy, all while introducing the first Louisiana-based superhero of Mexican descent.

At the heart of “DopeSmack” is Alex Santos, a self-taught scientist who, after developing a bulletproof suit, gains superhuman powers. He becomes the titular character, battling supervillains, fighting for his city, avenging his father’s death, and rescuing those he loves. This epic journey will be helmed by Joe Mexican, who is both directing and producing the film. With his expertise, the movie will combine the humor of “Deadpool” and the gritty realism of “Batman Begins,” creating a unique hybrid superhero saga.

To ensure the franchise's success, Producer Matt Keith has plans to distribute the finished film through a range of national and international outlets. Under Joe Mexican's vision, the film will boast a powerful cinematic style and immersive sound design, elevating the audience's experience to new heights. To further raise the stakes, legendary actor John Schneider, known for his roles in “The Dukes of Hazzard” and "Smallville," will be joining the cast as Chief Murphy of the NOPD.

Dark Atom Studios™ has been hard at work building the world of “DopeSmack” with graphic art and comic book content. The team has designed a range of compelling characters, including Alex Santos, his best friend BlackasNight, the teenage lab experiment Anexis, the supervillain Samael, and The Super Soldier, created by mysterious operative Agent Zero. As a cinematic storyteller, Joe Mexican will bring his signature emotional content and visual flair to the “DopeSmack” universe.

Get ready to experience the first installment of this exciting new franchise. With its fresh take on the superhero genre, epic score, immersive sound design, and all-star cast, “DopeSmack” is poised to become a worldwide sensation!