DopeSmack: Origin Part One - Digital Comic Book

DopeSmack: Origin Part One - Digital Comic Book

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DopeSmack: Origin Part One is an action-packed 28-page digital comic book. The story follows Alex Santos, a comic book-obsessed, Mexican American kid who witnesses his father's murder at the hand of one Narco, Rafael Espinoza. Without a mother in his life, he is sent to an orphanage, where he meets a new friend with similar aspirations of becoming a superhero. Together, they are now on the road to becoming superheroes and avenging his father's death.


Published: October 21, 2022

Created by: Joe Mexican

Story: Joe Mexican and Kikalla Diallo

Cover Art: Isolino Silva

Artist: Lucas Assis

Color Artist: Guilherme Sabino

Letters: Lucas Assis